Based in Sevilla, Spain

Release date:

Q3 2018


PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Consoles (to be confirmed.)



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You wake up sitting at the table of a luxurious banquet. You have a terrible headache and no memories of who you are. You look around and you see that everyone is dead but you. Why are they all dead? Why you do not? Explore the huge mansion where the events occurred and discover what and why it has happened. You will have to solve puzzles, dodge traps and investigate thoroughly to discover the heartless and cruel truth.


  • Beautiful graphic style based on film noir. For that purpose we have managed to take to the world of video games that characteristic “noise” that the old cinema has in the image due to the passage of time.
  • Explore a mansion larger and with more secrets than you can imagine.
  • We have paid as much attention to gameplay as to story. A script worthy of the best film noir movies that we think is worth being telling/living/playing.
  • It will not be easy, no one said it was, but getting to the truth will satisfy you and will surprise you equally.
  • Hundreds of objects and combinations between them that will be a considerable challenge when facing the mysteries and puzzles hidden in the mansion.
  • An original game soundtrack by our talented composer Beni Bermúdez.


About the game

The duman being or duman beings who have done this have left everything ready for, if you are smart enough, get he explanation of everything. But yes, you will have to earn that right, everything has been arranged in such a way that if you do not do it right, the truth will never come out. Dive into this game with history and graphics inspired by the film noir classics like “The Third Man”, “Sunset Boulevard”, “The Hell of the Hate” or “Seven” among others.

The Story

The world is full of envy, impossible loves, relationships based on pure convenience, illogical hatreds, revenge, blind obsessionsbut everything has its end and tonight all those endings will coincide in place and time.

Damipolis has never seen a similar event in which so many influential people die at the same time. Without a doubt, this is a unique fact and has been schemed for a long time.


“Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner thoughts” is a first-person graphic adventure in which you will find hundreds of objects with which you will have to solve all types of puzzles. Collecting, combining and using these objects will be the key to advance your search and to find the reason or reasons for all this macabre nonsense.

Kickstarter campaign

“Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner thoughts” development started around August 2016. We have been lucky enough to be able to fund the first stages of development by ourselves. We want to have a successful Kickstarter campaign mainly for one reason: Being creatively independent while giving shape to the game.

We are aiming for a goal of 15,000 USD, enough to let the project advance to its next major milestone: a playable alpha that fully delivers the vision we have in mind. Beyond that point, we’re hoping to sign up with a nice indie publisher that helps us make the game even bigger, support more platforms (ideally all major consoles) and launch on more countries with a proper language support.

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About Tiesoft

We met each other and began learning how to make games in jams. It was just a hobby at first; we had jobs somewhere else but we wanted to make a living making video games, so here we are! Today, we’re totally focused on making our dream come a beautifl true, we are working hard on “Inexplicable Deaths in Damipolis: Inner Thoughts” our first and much beloved project. Designing, modelling, composing, programming… that is what we do all day long (nights too…).

For us video games can be many things, a unique way of telling stories, simple entertainment, a competitive sport … we work with the illusion of being able to take advantage of all those possibilities, create a company that could face all those challenges and create stories, competitive and fun games. We have the hope of creating projects that leave a mark on the player because we love video games for many years … and we will keep loving them forever!


Rafael Sánchez: CEO / 3D modeller
Jesús Expósito: Concept Artist / 2D-3D Artist
Juan Alberto Brincau: Designer / 2D-3D Artist
Jorge Marín: Programmer
Beni Bermúdez: Composer